Our Difference

Always here to help – we provide on-site support, after hours assistance, and are contactable via email, phone and text so you can always get in touch.

Quick solutions we have the ability to pin-point problems that arise and rectify them quickly to prevent stress in your workplace or home.

Free internet backup – in the event that your services are affected by outages outside your control, we will provide you with a “genuine” 4G internet backup free of charge until your services are restored to service by SouthCloud.

Expert tech specialists we have properly trained personnel at the ready who can be deployed across Australia to respond, support, troubleshoot, design and repair your systems.

Cost and time effective – We create communications solutions that are cost and time effective and of real benefit to you and your business/home environment.

Local and national experience We draw on an extensive range of telecommunications experience, both locally and nationally, when dealing with your complex systems. 

Focused on premium grade solutions – We are a provider that is strictly focused on delivering premium grade solutions that provide a positive impact for our customers, often when they feel as if there is no one to help them.

Help you realise the potential of technology – We love to help our customers realise the potential of technology in a simple, supportive and customer focused manner.

We put you first – We believe that the Australian communications industry has forgotten about its most important asset—the customer—and we’re on a mission to change it.

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Andrew Buchanan is the Founder of SouthCloud, and brings over 20 years of Telecommunications experience, including leading field operations for both Telstra and NBN Co in Network Building, Design, Scoping, Install & Maintenance, Fault Identification & Rectification, Customer Service, Auditing and Deployment of networks.

Andrew's vision is for Regional and Rural Australia to have access to a high-quality, high-speed, Australian-built and serviced internet communications network that can be efficient, easy to deploy, profitable and reliable to all concerned. His list of experience and contacts within the communications sector will pave the way forward for SouthCloud in order to connect Australian Businesses and Residential customers alike to a true Australian fast speed Internet Network.


SouthCloud Founder